Haiti Earthquake Report Jan. 2010

On Jan. 12, 2010 an estimated 3 million Haitians were injured or left homeless after being devastated by a 7.0 earthquake. As many as 200,000 have died. The facts from the quake are a reality in the lives of so many. May we exalt Christ in sharing His love by reaching out to them in this time of great need.

On Jan. 29, 2010 a M.E.A. Mission Team returned from Haiti. Their trip was planned long before the earthquake, but turned out to be a timely trip in this time of need. They traveled much of the country of Haiti including earthquake devastated Port-Au-Prince.

Pastor David Eastman: MEA Missions Director & Pastor of the Valley Worship Center, Smethport, PA.

"Haiti was a needy country even before this earthquake hit them. Now those needs are so much more urgent and so much greater, everyone that helps in any way is very much appreciated. May we stand together reaching out to them in this time of need, exalting the Name of Christ."

Pastor David Brady: New Beginnings Worship Center, Ligonier, PA.

"For such a time as this the church needs to rise to the devastated needs of the Haitian people. There are no words that can explain the devastation there."

Rob Emery: Former resident missionary to Haiti, Warren, PA.

"The life of the common Haitian is a struggle their whole life. Now they really need help from the outside more than ever before." 


Daily Food Distribution Medical Clinics Dr. Jon Baptiste is doctoring the injured from the earthquake out of the central church in Carrefour, Port-Au-Prince, giving bandages, ointments, and medicines free of charge.


1. Provide a meal a day for an earthquake victom: $2.50/person for one day, $17.50/person for one week, or $75.00/person for one month.

2. Buy a sack of rice: $35.00 for a 50lb sack, or $70.00 for a 100lb sack.

3. $25.00/day for Dr. Jon Baptiste (Haitian member of our church there) to provide free medical care/consultations at our church in Carrefour, Port-Au-Prince.

4. Money to help provide medicines and medical supplies.

Troy Frazier

Tom Eastman


Rev. David Eastman

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M.E.A. Missions

Dominican Republic ~ Haiti

M.E.A. Missions (M.E.A.M.) started it’s own mission work in the Dominican Republic in 1982. It started with one church in the town of Maguey. We now have more than two dozen churches in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. In addition to the churches, M.E.A.M. has a weekly radio broadcast in the Dominican Republic that covers ¾ of the island. There is a Bible Training Center that has been in operation by M.E.A.M. since 1990. Training not only our own pastors and church workers, but also pastors for other churches across the Dominican Republic.  In 1992, we opened the work in Haiti, and built the first church in the northern city of Fort Liberty. 

Dominican Republic

Representative: Bro. Vitelio Rosario Colon

2016 Report

-Membership: 847 

-2 new works

-16 Churches Total


Representative: Bro. Celise Agustin

2016 Report

-10 Churches Total

-Additional church being built in the mountains

-Monthly food money is a big help to feed needy

      Christians and others outside the church


-13 Churches

3 Pastor's homes suffered damage and loss during Hurricane Maria. 

We would like to send them some extra offering to help them recover from this hurricane.  They hold church in their homes; not permitted to have church buildings.

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